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Types of Divorce


Uncontested Divorce, NO children-  This type is when everyone is able to get along and be in agreement with the divorce terms.  You can divide everything equally without needing help with the details. Only one of you has to go to court when it is time for the Judge to sign the divorce decree. Your spouse will sign the decree ahead of time along with a waiver so they won’t have to attend the court date. I charge $75 for this type of divorce. You will also have to pay a filing fee when you file your petition, which will range from $225 to $245.



Uncontested Divorce WITH Children-This is the same as above, but involves children. The divorce papers are $150 but the filing fee remains the same as above.  You must agree on custody, visitation and child support amounts as well. If you cannot decide on a child support amount, you can visit http://www.okdhs.org/onlineservices/cscalc/Pages/cscalc.aspx to calculate your child support for you.  You will also need to take a parenting class. This is required of both parents and is for helping the parents understand the affect of divorce on the children. The pricing for this ranges from $10 to $100. You can check with your court clerk’s office at the time you file your petition to get more information about the classes. Here is a link to one of the many online classes offered in Oklahoma. http://coparenting.okstate.edu/online-class



Divorce by Publication- If you have lost touch with your spouse and cannot locate them, you need this type of divorce.  It is a bit more complicated then the others. The divorce papers for this type are $125. I will provide all forms you need. You will need to do some research to try to find your spouse. You will also have to contact many military offices in the process of attempting to locate your spouse. Make sure you put 100% effort into this search; because if the Judge feels you haven’t tried, they can tell you to continue searching. You may have to pay a process server to serve your spouse or send a summons by certified mail at the last known address.  After you have exhausted all efforts in finding your spouse with no luck, then you can have it published.  You will have to pay a publication fee to your local newspaper, and publish your notice of filing for divorce for at least 3 weeks (1x each week), if the judge grants you the order to publish. You will also have the standard filing fees along with all the other charges.



Contested Divorce-If you and your spouse can’t agree on anything, you will need an attorney.  

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