Divorce For Less Oklahoma

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The Divorce Process

Ordering your Divorce Paperwork


Go to the Order Forms tab on this website.


Select the type of divorce form you are needing and click buy now, this will direct you to my square site where you will need to click buy now again. Please choose if you want them mailed or e-mailed. I mail them for an additional fee which if checked will be added to your total.


Input your CC inoformation and Submit your payment.


Click on the Questionnaire Tab and fill out the form on the page and submit it.


If I have any questions while typing your paperwork, I will contact you.


Once the paperwork is completed, I will email you your printable divorce papers for you to review as well as a filing instruction sheet.


Please Look them over carefully and make sure everything is correct.


If I am emailing your forms, Print out all divorce forms (you will need 3 copies of each) and staple everything together. You will use your instruction page to walk you through the filing steps.



Filing Divorce Forms


Take the Petition to a public notary and get it signed and notarized.


File the petition with the court clerks office in your county.


If you have children involved, find out about the parenting courses, if they are required and where to take them etc.


Wait 24 hours then take a copy of the petition along with the Entry of Appearance and Waiver and Decree of Dissolution of Marriage (your divorce decree) to your spouse. Have them sign the Waiver in front of a notary.


Get the signed and notarized Waiver back from your spouse and take it to the court clerks office and file it.


If there are no children involved, then call or go to the court house and request a court date.


If there are children involved, you will have to wait 90 days to get a court date.  After the 90 days, call or go to the court house and request a court date. For an additional fee I can prepare you a motion and order to waive the 90 days but it is ultimately up to the Judge if he will waive it or not.


Bring all your divorce paperwork with you to the court date. Your spouse will not have to attend.


After the judge signs the divorce decree, take it to the court clerks office to get it filed to finalize your divorce. Give your ex-spouse a copy of your divorce decree.




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